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Is Prescription Hair Loss Medication Right for Me?

Hair loss prevention

If male pattern baldness runs in the family, be proactive and get ahead of it. Treatment is more effective when started early. Don't wait for your genetics to catch up.

Thinning at the crown

Male pattern hair loss starts with thinning, but may create bald spots on the head as DHT shortens the active growth phase of the hair cycle. Hair loss will worsen without treatment.

Receding hairline

You may notice your forehead becoming more noticeable. This is often due to a combination of genetics and aging. However, it may be preventable with prescription hair loss solutions.

Thinning all over

As we age, our hair falls out and is not replaced by new hair follicles. Prescription treatment can prevent future hair loss and reactivate these follicles, resulting in new hair growth.

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